Why we should all change our relationship to adversity

By Harry Pearse

I am writing this while sitting here sipping a glass of Irish whiskey while recovering from hip surgery at the age of 27. My soccer career has gone down the drain and I’m going through a severe, anxious existential crisis.

With all that is happening, I am beginning to understand what the hardships of life are all about – the lessons we must learn, the heartbreak we must endure, and the never-ending feeling of feeling like a phoenix, shot down in mid-flight.

We all experience change.

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A wise man once said to me, “Son, life is like snakes and ladders. You could be at level 97, roll a one, and then land on a snake that will take you all the way to level three. Maybe it was just luck with the dice, but don’t be mad if you fall. Look up and figure out how to get to level 98.”

The core message of this is magical. Keep climbing but take different routes with different perspectives and lessons learned along the way.

Never give in to the adversities life throws at you and always dust yourself off – you must be ready to overcome the next barrier that comes your way.

And by all means enjoy it! Enjoy the moments when you feel hopeless and the moments when you hit the wall and want to give up. That’s life, but so are we.

Our experiences, one might argue, have all been positive. It’s how we respond to these experiences that can make them negative.

So many of us, if not all of us, have gone through a massive period of change. A moment that feels like a lifetime in which we question our entire lives.

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