“We Empower Families to Take Control of Their Health Needs”

Clinics Admiral Nurse Rachael Khan-Lowe, who works in Nottingham and is supported by Dementia UK, spoke in care times about her role and the standout moments of her career

How would you describe your role to someone you just met?

“Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses who are continuously being developed by Dementia UK to provide life-changing support to families affected by dementia. Clinics Admiral Nurses provide this one-stop shop for families living with dementia, accessing and advocating for primary care and connecting them to services under the supervision of the GP. We also provide professional training and outreach to individuals and support services involved in dementia care, including GPs.”

What attracted you to your current position?

“During one of my internships at university, the one-size-fits-all approach to dementia care struck me. I couldn’t understand why a person diagnosed with dementia was immediately referred to individual care. Day-to-day decisions were made for them despite their abilities. As Clinics Admiral Nurse, we empower families by giving them the confidence to take control of their healthcare needs. By providing expert advice to both families and professionals, we play a key role in facilitating personalized care – focused on the person with dementia and their complex needs. As Clinics Admiral Nurse, supported by Dementia UK, I also have many opportunities to keep myself informed of best practice in dementia care. This includes providing monthly clinical surveillance support and attending the annual Admiral Nurse Forum, which brings together Admiral Nurses from across the country to discuss key challenges.”

What has been the most outstanding moment in your career so far?

“Having started as the very first Clinics Admiral Nurse in Nottingham, I built this service from the ground up. I’ve been challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone, but most importantly, I’ve learned valuable skills, including developing new and innovative ways to connect families to our services. This included building relationships with local memory clinics and volunteer services, attending community engagement days, providing service information to the public, and attending local press opportunities. In addition, I have advocated for continued support for families living with dementia by establishing regular meetings with officers and inviting local caregiver groups to share their experiences around accessing dementia care. I have used the service data from our clinics to also demonstrate the usefulness of this support. As a result I have helped secure the appointment of three more Admiral Nurses to posts throughout Nottingham West, Ashfield and Bassetlaw.”

What are your ambitions for the future?

“I hope to bridge the gap in post-diagnostic support for families with dementia by working with GPs to raise awareness of dementia. I will also work with families to ensure they get the right information at the right time. Being diagnosed with dementia can be life-changing and it is important that families know how to access the right support and guidance to help them live as healthy lives as much as possible.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants a job like yours?

“I would recommend starting by gaining experience of supporting people with dementia in different settings, e.g. B. in a specialized department of a dementia hospital or a nursing home that supports people with dementia.”

career file

Name: Rachael Khan-Lowe

Job title: Clinics Admiral Nurse

Employer: Dementia UK/Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Salary (or area/band): £44,251

Professional experience: Nurse in a Yorkshire dementia care home (20 months); acute care unit (9 months); specialized dementia care home in Nottingham (18 months); CHC assessor (6 months); Nurse Advisor at Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare (9 months)

Qualifications: RGN, currently studying MSc

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