Under The Red Chandelier, sponsored by The ROOT Brands

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE., August 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — One morning, internationally renowned scientific researcher and formulator Dr. Christina Rahm, had a vision for a platform that would provide a runway for the arts and sciences to thrive together. She founded Under the Red Chandelier, an unmatched arts and science platform to inspire creativity and learn a little science along the way. dr Rahm has made it its mission to create a healthy environment and a meaningful life by eliminating internal and external negative influences. For those with a positive appetite for art and science, welcome to Under the Red Chandelier.

Under the Red Chandelier will feature a podcast sponsored by The Root Brands featuring Dr. Rahm shares her unique, one-of-a-kind stories, interviews, collaborations, sponsorships and more. She was inspired to create awareness by bridging the arts and sciences and people’s understanding of them and their collaboration. With her incredible stories and extensive career, Dr. Rahm share their travel experiences, unique style, passion for art and love for science.

After exploring over 85 countries, Dr. Rahm saw and studied the very wild field of science and medicine. However, she has also had the privilege of exploring the approaches and advances in all areas of fashion, art, food, music and design. Using insights from her experience and career, she has come to the conclusion that our state of health is greatly influenced by everything in our lives. She learned that science and art are a part of each other and people are constantly consumed by it on a daily basis, whether they know it or not. dr Rahm wants this series to be a catwalk for those who want to add a little science to their everyday lives. Hoping to create a deep, unique, and treasured connection between the audience, the arts, and the sciences, Dr. Christina a path for creativity within the arts. She has vowed to herself, her family, friends, and colleagues to help people around the world find the ways of self-determination that lead to healthy, happy, and productive lives. That being said, Under The Red Chandelier will be nothing short of that. With this catwalk, Dr. Cream the science sexy so stay tuned if you want more.

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