This Mumbai-based platform makes emotional health care accessible and affordable

Emotional health problems affect over 1.2 billion plus people worldwide and India leads the world with over 200 million (2018) identified emotionally unhealthy people. India was also the center with the highest suicide rate per 100,000 population.

Significantly, cases of depression, social isolation and suicide have increased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The main reason for all cases is an emotional health issue that requires immediate attention.

During the pandemic, people have only been able to leave their homes for absolutely essential work. After that, only issues like mental and emotional health came to the fore, and people came forward to talk about them openly and without a stigmatized attitude. Still, many people feel uncomfortable talking to someone about their emotional health.

Emotional health problems in India

The suicide rate per 100,000 population increased to 11.25 between 2006 and 2011, and increased further to 11.3 in 2020, according to a report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Even after the rising number of suicides, mainly caused by emotional health damage, the availability of psychologists and psychiatrists in the country is woefully low – one professional for over two lakh people.

“Emotionally” was created to break the chain and bring about change. Founded in March 2020, the company is the brainchild of a passionate and highly experienced team of psychiatrists, consultants, coaches, and business and technology leaders.

It was launched with a vision to reach a maximum number of people worldwide, especially in India. It is an online counseling, coaching and therapy platform designed to help people live emotionally healthy lives by making emotional health care accessible and affordable.

Six highly experienced professionals, including two senior psychologists, Dr. Roma Kumar and Niloufer Ebrahim, two veteran coaches, Anita Belani and Lina Bilkha, and two business and technology experts, Mr. Amit Bose and Mr. Rajiv Kumar identified the urgent need for emotional health support. come together to provide the highest quality emotional health support in complete privacy and confidentiality.

“Emotional fitness is important”

Conceived amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Emotionally’s partners are working remotely from four locations in India and one in the United States. It is curated to be emotional and offers quality professional support to help emotional health issues during these challenging times.

In addition, to make emotional fitness as important as physical fitness, the company has curated a personal emotional fitness program to empower individuals. Co-founder and Chief Emotional Psychologist, Dr. Roma Kumar, says: “We have to work extra hard to manage our emotions well, paying attention in normal daily activities. Seize opportunities to share lightness and humor.

Laughter is a relief to all of us now. “Be compassionate with yourself for the losses anyone in your life might see, for the unseen suffering only you can feel, and for your place in the misery of what has struck us all in a million inexplicable ways,” she added added.

Beginning with assessing the root cause of emotional exhaustion, followed by treating the problem and removing the stigma associated with mental health, implementing a holistic communications program, conducting individual and group counseling sessions, and therapist-monitored support groups, Emotionally follows a strategic approach to implementation the ultimate idea of ​​Emotionally Fit To Life Fit.

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