The Punisher star Jon Bernthal’s diet and fitness routine

Jon Bernthal is the kind of performer who completely changes for a role and goes to great lengths to change his physical appearance. He’s someone who not only gets to his shoots on time, but also plans everything so that he’s both physically and mentally prepared for his role.

Bernthal practices method acting, which involves living his character’s life. For The Punisher, he stuck to a very simple diet of meat and vegetables, cutting out all processed, sugary, and other unhealthy foods.

He claims that he can better stay in his fictional character’s mindset by resisting the need to “escape by eating.”

Jon Bernthal’s Nutrition Plan

Bernthal created his own nutritional plan to promote fitness, healthy muscle growth, and endurance. His goal was to eat as many nutritious things as he could each day. He’s pretty picky about what goes in.

Bernthal followed a highly nutritious diet, avoiding junk food, fast food, and processed foods except on cheat days to keep his “Punisher” body in good shape.

Here is a list of foods that should and should not be eaten according to Jon Bernthal’s diet:

food for consumption: Chicken, beef, steak, fish, beef jerky, salad, whole eggs, pancakes, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, almonds, and peanut butter.

surcharges include: Fish Oil Capsules, Protein Bars and Whey Protein.

Avoid these foods: processed foods, sugar, dairy, fried foods, gourmet burgers and fast food.

Jon Bernthal’s workout routine

Bernthal used strength training, circuit exercises, plyometrics, mixed martial arts and cardio to get in shape for his role. Compound and isolation exercises with 8-10 repetitions for each set and one minute rest were part of The Punisher’s training schedule.

This maximized muscle growth (hypertrophy) and ensured that every muscle was effectively trained. Additionally, his training duration and circuit training intervals accounted for one-third of a typical workout. They helped increase his endurance and calorie consumption. They lasted 15 to 20 minutes, with 20 to 30 second rests between sets.

Bernthal currently devotes an hour a week to his MMA/boxing practice, which also includes strength and conditioning training, battle ropes, rope skipping, tire smashes and sparring.

This is what his week looks like:

  • Chest workout on Monday
  • Circuit and legs on Tuesday
  • Mixed martial arts and cardio on Wednesdays
  • Shoulders & Circuit on Thursday
  • Full body and circle on Friday.

Training tips from Jon Bernthal

Since his training was demanding, Bernthal followed some tips and methods in his training program. He knew that the key to getting the most out of his workouts was sticking to his fitness schedule.

Bernthal says he started his typical bodybuilding routine at 4 a.m., as he got out of bed. Bench presses and squats, heavy or light, both required five sets of three reps at max weight. There were numerous exercise points for bodyweight building and super setting.

He tried to complete most of the laps during the 20-30 minute exercise to improve his range of motion and mobility. Including pull-ups, cleans, and deadlifts, a set typically consisted of five to six exercises.

In the afternoon, Bernthal engaged in advanced punching, jiu-jitsu, and boxing. He started by learning the choreography for the future scenes before moving on to fight choreography. He received assistance from the stunt crew with his firearms training, a crucial part of his routine.

Bernthal has done an excellent job of maintaining proper nutrition. As a result, he only consumed foods that would support his daily tasks and refrained from eating anything harmful. He ate a healthy diet, eating mostly lean meat and vegetables.

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In his role as the movie star, Bernthal relies on foods like chicken breasts and other lean proteins, along with whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats to stay energized during filming.

Bernthal said in an interview that he walks across the Brooklyn Bridge every day to get his workout done while sticking to a fairly simple diet. It’s obvious that you don’t necessarily have to stick to a strict diet and exercise routine to have a good physique. You can get a decent physique by increasing your activity level and spending some time in the gym.

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