The internet has welcomed an 11-year-old girl’s idea for her mother’s away message

An 11-year-old girl has earned praise after finding what many think is the perfect solution for dealing with her mom’s work emails she sends while on vacation.

Switching off from work while on vacation can be difficult. In fact, it’s nearly impossible for many in senior positions, as a study published by the Harvard Business Review reports that just 14 percent of managers and 7 percent of those in senior management positions pull the plug on vacation. Instead, the majority admit to checking into work at least once a day.

However, rest and relaxation are not only an important part of a healthy work/life lifestyle, but also a key component of a healthy lifestyle in general, with the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labor Organization (ILO) estimating that around 745,000 people die each year as a result of work-related stress from overwork.

Kristen Bottema-Bag and her daughter.
Kristen Bottema-Beutel and her daughter 10 years ago. The youngster’s proposal for an out-of-office message went viral.
Kristen Bottema pouch

Holidays should be a time for family and create memories to cherish for a lifetime. Perhaps that’s why Professor Kristen Bottema-Beutel’s 11-year-old daughter decided to take action.

Bottema-Beutel’s daughter has spent much of her life watching her mother at work, with whom the academic even shared a picture news week of her on vacation with her daughter 10 years ago, busy typing on a laptop.

Bottema bag tells news week She often struggles to keep work at work. “It usually takes a few days for me to completely disconnect from work,” she said. “I’m definitely guilty of thinking some things are ‘urgent’ and needing to respond before I get back (even though they probably aren’t).”

This time, however, the youngster was determined to do things differently. According to Bottema-Beutel, telling her daughter about “the amount of work to actually be able to go on holiday” and the fact that she would have to put an out-of-office message with the 11-year-old suggested helping her.

Her mother found her idea so amusing that she decided to tweet it to her 3,145 followers on Twitter. “I asked my 11-year-old to help me write my vacation message and she suggested ‘I’M ON HOLIDAY SO YOUR EMAIL WILL BE DELETED,'” she wrote. The tweet quickly caught fire, garnering over 282,000 likes and almost 18,000 retweets.

For many, the young girl’s proposal was an inspired one. One user called it “an exceptionally good idea and an option that email providers should offer.” Another said: “I really used this, with an auto-delete rule…going back to an empty inbox is like a second vacation.” A third agreed, adding, “If it’s important enough, they will.” email me again.”

Elsewhere, another Twitter follower called the suggestion “so healthy” and something they will definitely do in the future. “The worst feeling is coming back from vacation to thousands of emails that you have to delete and catch up on.”

Bottema-Beutel and her daughter were blown away by the response, with the academic attributing it to the fact that millions out there understand her experience all too well.

“For people who work a lot via email, vacations can be tough because if you don’t answer your emails on a break, everyone will be there waiting for you when you come back,” Bottema-Beutel said.

“I think a lot of people have found that with the structure of online work, it’s not easy to really take a break. The specter of email piling up is a case in point.”

She added that her daughter was “quite surprised” when her idea went viral.

“She honestly found it a little odd that it was getting so much attention, she thought she was proposing something that was a pretty obvious solution,” she said. “All the responses were really positive and she felt pretty good about it.”

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