Sleep problems in children .. ? Have it checked immediately…

Sleep problems in children..!? Have it checked immediately…

Good sleep is very important for a healthy life at any age. And children definitely need enough sleep.

Why is sleep important for children?

Sleep is important for mental and physical health and development. Brain function requires adequate sleep. When children don’t get enough sleep, it can affect their behavior. Many problems such as excessive anger, excessive irritability, fatigue, inattention, etc. can arise. Medical experts say many problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity are likely to occur later in life.
Going to bed early means getting up early is a common saying from our childhood. But today’s changing lifestyle, the use of mobile phones and gadgets leads to a delay in falling asleep and therefore a delay in waking up. This is a bad habit found in everyone from adults to children. Sometimes children are prone to problems like stress and insomnia because they don’t get enough sleep.
Age-appropriate sleep is essential:

Newborns need about 15-16 hours of sleep a day. They sleep the same day and night. Babies over a year old are used to sleeping through the night. Preschoolers or toddlers need 11-13 hours of sleep. But it definitely differs from one to another.
How is sleep regulated in humans?

Sleep is a complex process. It also affects various functions that occur in the body. Sleep is also affected by environmental and social influences around us. The human body’s life clock is regulated by the hormone melatonin, which is secreted by the brain’s hypothalamus.
Sleep disorders: Common causes are:

A common cause is going to bed late, although certain medications, tonsils, adenoids, etc. can also cause sleep problems. Sleepwalking, talking, nightmares, and nighttime seizures can also be causes of insomnia in children.
Neurological problem:

Children with neurological problems usually suffer from sleep problems. In some cases, too little sleep can lead to seizures.
Some tips for the right sleep:

It is very important to inculcate good sleep habits in children. Go to bed at a certain time every day and get up at a certain time every day. No change is required in it. It should not be extended by more than an hour, even during school holidays. Don’t allow yourself to sleep late. Keep your bedroom dark and quiet. Cell phones, television, sugary or caffeinated foods, and undigested foods should be avoided before bed. Soothe children when they wake up at night and let them sleep alone. If children aren’t getting enough sleep or are showing signs of stress or anxiety, see a doctor right away.

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