Showcase your health with Puneet Kaur Chhabra’s debut book, Tum To Tone, published worldwide by Beeja House

Aug 01, 2022 2:56 p.m IS

New Delhi [India], August 1 (ANI/ATK): A goal without a plan is just a wish! Puneet Kaur Chhabra, Women Health Transformation Coach, has now granted her wish in her debut book, Tum To Tone, published globally by India’s only serviced publisher.
Tum to Tone reveals the secrets to the toned physique you’ve always wanted. Author, Puneet Kaur Chhabra has shared the blueprint to getting fit while restoring gut health with better metabolism and hormonal health.
As you read the book, you’ll gradually discover why “weight loss” is bad advice. It helps you become a healthier and fitter version of yourself while breaking through all your stuck points and finding sustainable solutions. Surprisingly, you can eat anything you love!
In the same spirit, she has reached out to all with a heartfelt message on the dedication page of the book itself, which reads:
“To all women struggling with weight and health.
To anyone who wants things to work naturally for them.
To all teenage girls who want to blossom into beautiful women from the inside out.

For every woman who wants to age gracefully and seek lasting well-being.
To any man who wants to tone up, be healthy, and better understand “that important” woman in his life.”
Author Puneet Kaur Chhabra is the founder of Strong Healthy Women – an online platform for diet, nutrition advice and health coaching. Be Healthiest You is the idea behind her Strong Healthy Women brand. She has worked with clients from all walks of life and all ages. With her proper guidance, in more than half a decade, 15,000 women around the world have regained their health while also toning their bodies and balancing hormones. Your individual health and lifestyle plans will help you to achieve your goals in the long term. It has inevitably narrowed the knowledge gap between what people think “eating healthy” is and what it actually is!
Geetika Saigal, Founder & CEO of Beeja House ( says, “Puneet Kaur Chhabra’s ‘Tum To Tone’ is every woman’s answer to better health and a fit, toned physique. Read it, implement it and upgrade to a new healthy life. I will for sure!”
The book is also full of true events and anecdotes from the author’s life that further validate her thoughts and work. These stories are quite relatable and give you a glimpse of things that might otherwise be missed in the narrative. The book “Tum to Tone” can be called the fitness bible for everyone who chooses to live a healthy life. And the best thing the book preaches is that you can eat anything you love!
To order a book from Amazon, click here: 1658988522&s=books&sprefix =tum+to+%2Cstripbooks%2C228&sr=1-1
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