Search for health care and wellbeing after the pandemic

New paradigms are emerging for Argentina in the search for well-being. After two very painful years, the worst of the pandemic is over, but there are clear scars, especially emotionally.

The global health crisis has led to abandoning habits and routines. Argentines want to maintain their total care and improve their well-being: rest and eat better, exercise more while relaxing and relieving aches and pains; So they resort to activities like art, sports, meditation, cooking. Compared to other countries, there is great concern in Argentina about the increasing difficulty in accessing health services and coping with stress. In parallel, we are characterized by a strong need for contact with affection, which gives us emotional well-being, which is why we do not want to put off social encounters.

“Although we have overcome the pandemic, Argentina continues to suffer suffering, uncertainty and difficulties,” Sebastian Corzo, Marketing Director, Kantar Insights Division said, “We are not the same anymore, concerns persist at an individual and collective level. We want to tackle it, but… What’s the best approach? The variables we can control and move toward healthier living are becoming a priority: rest and eat healthily,” He added.

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The pandemic confronted us with a specific risk that made us rethink our healthcare as a whole, look at what we are doing and stop doing it. The concept of health was redefined and focused on overall well-being.

Kantar: Finding post-pandemic health care and well-being

One of the most important habits for health appeared in the top 10, rest and good nutrition are preferred, although a balanced diet is often not achieved. There are concerns about access to quality health services and there is no way to reduce stress levels.

Kantar: Finding post-pandemic health care and well-being

“Argentina are interested in healthy eating and pay more attention to the quality and origin of the products,” explained Sebastian Corzo. “As a society in general, and millennials in particular, we are becoming increasingly aware of what we eat and the journey from its origins to our tables.” Said.

Kantar: Finding post-pandemic health care and well-being

For mental well-being and emotional balance, Argentines, like the rest of the world, want to relax and spend time with family. We are looking for more cooking opportunities and activities that challenge our creativity.

Kantar: Finding post-pandemic health care and well-being

Argentina renews its curiosity and longing for new experiences. Personal development through learning new skills is a fascination. Half of people have learned to do new things in the pandemic, and many of them are becoming hobbies or lasting habits.

Kantar: Finding post-pandemic health care and well-being

“As for hygiene habits, Argentina says that they will maintain most of those established during the pandemic, which contributes to the thought of strengthening the immune system, which is a priority to continue enjoying social life because – unlike in other countries – there is no sense of meeting avoidance,” Corzo stressed. “Similarly, Argentina says it prefers to switch to sustainable modes of transport,” he said.

Kantar: Finding post-pandemic health care and well-being

About 3 out of 4 Argentines want to strengthen their immune system, not only to protect themselves from diseases, but also as a way to carry out any exposed activities.

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