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Protinex has launched a new campaign #ProteinPledge. Through this campaign, the brand aims to raise awareness of the vital role protein plays in the overall well-being of Indian adults of all ages. Conceived, produced and executed by TheSmallBigIdea, the campaign emphasizes the importance of adequate protein intake. The company also released a “The Protinex Protein Abhiyaan” with an anthem titled “Tu hai Taaqat”.

Danone’s Protinex Protein Abhiyaan aims to impact the everyday lives of Indians by raising awareness of the importance of protein in our diet, said Manish Solanki, COO and co-founder of TheSmallBigIdea. “The idea was to convince a fairly unconscious audience of the value of protein in a balanced diet and get them talking about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The effect was achieved through a motivating combination of inspirational verse and imagery. This film has given us the opportunity not only to work with a leading health food company like Danone, but also to be connected to the company’s protein program. We look forward to being a part of their future health initiatives,” he added.

To address the different facets of protein, TheSmallBigIdea developed a promotional film to highlight the important role of adequate protein intake in better nutrition and overall health. In keeping with the brand’s mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible, the agency conceptualized and emphasized the fact that every Indian citizen, regardless of their status, profession or occupation, is a hustler in a short music video. With the key message “You are the strength of the nation and therefore you should not be short of protein”, the anthem offers insights into hopes, aspirations, struggles and raises awareness of the problem of poor protein intake and focuses on building conversations about how Indian adults are doing have ignored their own health in their hectic lives.

Protinex aims to address the importance of protein in the diet. Written and produced by TSBI Studios, the anthem “Tu hai Taaqat” reminds people to believe in themselves and continue to regard themselves as “Desh Ki Taaqat” while emphasizing the benefits of consuming Protinex daily. The agency was responsible for the overall concept, creation and execution of the commercial.

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