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According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Costa Rica has made great progress Improving the quality of life its residents. One of these examples is that the health system is accessible to the majority of the population, added to the various care and prevention policy that have led to positive and sustainable results.

Despite these good indicators, however, Costa Rica still has a duty to ensure that its citizens have an appropriate balance between work and private life. The OECD’s Index for a Better Life, which compares well-being across countries based on issues identified as essential to living conditions and quality of life, shows that in Costa Rica, 55% are of working age (15-64). employed, 22% work very long hours, more than the OECD average. It is therefore important that companies can implement strategies that enable their employees to live better and healthier lives.

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The OECD points out that full-time workers in Costa Rica spend fewer hours (less than 13.5 hours) of their day on personal hygiene (eating, sleeping, etc.) and leisure (social life with friends and family, hobbies, games, etc.). ). computer and television use, etc.) than the OECD average of 15 hours.

People sometimes have to balance the demands of work, family, and personal interests. In this context: “It’s not about the choice between family, passion or career. It’s an effort to make conscious choices about what and how you spend your time.”

The work culture and benefits of some Tico companies, as well as the opportunity to participate in employee networks, have provided the support needed to thrive in both work and life.

Examples follow

In this context, there are examples of good company practice aimed at ensuring work-life balance and providing me with a supportive place to grow and develop professionally. Where employees feel truly valued because the company continually invests and engages employees at every stage of our careers; Employees are encouraged to work together and we are given the opportunity to find mentors and pursue new ideas. It’s an environment that prepares you for success.

Here are some of the practices that focus on employee well-being:

1- Success is about the person: Employees have the opportunity to build their best career, be financially secure, and achieve work-life balance for themselves and their families, while doing a job they can be proud of.

2- Care of the employee: The employee and his family can seek financial, legal and psychological advice to prevent and resolve difficulties and/or situations of daily life that may affect the work-life balance.

3- Tools to improve skills: It is aimed at employees who do not yet lead a team but have high potential, and there is another free program that teaches a new language, regardless of business needs.

4- Move your body: Companies have a health and wellness policy that rewards employees for healthy habits. They help participants keep track of how well they’re eating, how much exercise they’re getting, and how much sleep they’re getting, while providing incentives through rewards.

5.- Strengthen teamwork and relationships: Promotes a healthy lifestyle among employees. Encourage teamwork and connection and communication between employees. Also, it’s not just about exercise, it’s also about living a healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition and mental health.

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