Mondelēz 2021 Snacking Made Right Report: Wellness at Work

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We are deeply committed to promoting the physical and emotional health and well-being of all of our colleagues around the world.

Holistic well-being in focus

In addition, a more holistic internal campaign, The Right You program, is defined globally but heavily managed locally to ensure cultural relevance and engagement. Although local programs vary around the world, they typically focus on physical and mental well-being and staying connected. Initiatives typically include:

  • Lifestyle improvement programs, such as stress management, resilience and resourcefulness training

  • Mental health and mental illness resources and education

  • Weight management, mindful snacking training and smoking cessation programs

  • On-site fitness and/or athletic facilities, gym membership reimbursement incentives, and employee athletic competitions and fitness challenges

  • Health screenings and examinations, including vaccinations and flu shots

  • Healthier offers and nutritional information in our canteens and canteens

  • Health newsletters/intranet sites offering health tips and work-life/flexi-time programs

Continue to make optimal use of flexible working

We rely on flexibility and see this as a competitive advantage. We’ve eschewed global guidelines or mandates, instead opting to empower local teams to determine their “new normal” that works best for them. Working hours in the office are designed to be goal-oriented and collaborative. Many of our global offices have been reorganized to accommodate these ways of working.

With the support of our people, we are focused on a hybrid workspace solution that allows colleagues to work remotely and flexibly when needed, with our office space playing a greater role in fostering connections and collaboration. This will enable better work and personal lives for our colleagues, attract a broader and more diverse workforce, reduce environmental impact and increase productivity. In many ways it is a successful way of working. Our leadership team has summarized our new way of working in our Flexible Working Pledge, which sets out three core principles:

  • We trust each other to work flexibly and productively

  • We show empathy, promote belonging and connectedness

  • We make sure to create space and take our time

We are committed to using technology to help our colleagues better integrate work and life, now and in the future.

Optimizing physical and mental health

The health and well-being of our colleagues has always been our top priority. In 2020, with the majority of our office colleagues working from home, we have developed a virtual care package to provide help and guidance on wellbeing management and working remotely. The virtual care pack includes tips and resources on important topics such as stress management; collaborate better virtually; improving work-life balance; interact more effectively with teams; and work flexibly.

Building on this good work, we ran a global Well-Being Weeks campaign in May 2021, timed to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month. The four-week campaign was designed to provide the right tools and support to optimize the physical and mental health of our colleagues and to raise awareness of expanding our EAPs to 39 more countries so that we can offer all of our employees EAPs in 2021 able to offer .

Each of the four weeks had a different focus: understanding your resources; increasing your physical well-being; increasing your mental health; and to make social contacts. Activities and resources have been tailored for each week.

During the campaign, colleagues participated in wellbeing webinars on a range of topics from Eating Your Way To Wellness to Developing a Healthy Sleep Pattern. The webinars were well received. As one participant said: “Great session and of course there were a few pointers and tips that I had no idea about which I will definitely incorporate as soon as possible.”

As part of the program, we ran our first global Workday Learning campaign. There were eight themes, including wellbeing, mental health, resilience, financial wellbeing and tips for working remotely. It was based on a ‘choose what’s right for you’ approach with a mix of self-paced in-house courses, LinkedIn learning opportunities and YouTube videos.

To keep momentum and share wellbeing best practices and inspiration across regions, local wellbeing leaders conducted follow-up activities within their business unit, location or function in June and July 2021.

At our Grow Here in October event, our CEO Dirk Van de Put spoke to Belgium national football team manager Roberto Martinez about how professional athletes need to stay physically and mentally fit. Our colleagues from offices around the world attended the session to learn the importance of being mentally fit, even as a professional athlete.

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