Millennials and Gen-Z are trying to paint their own life curriculum

For decades, the idea of ​​work-life balance has focused on alleviating anxiety often caused by performance stressors in work environments. Both professionally and socially, many people have been encouraged to find a degree of emotional balance through hobbies in order to recover from the everyday pressures of repetitive work schedules and increased workloads.

For Millennials and Gen-Z, however, these hobbies are more than a break from their main pursuits — they represent important elements of a mindset that sees work-life balance as part of their overall careers. According to a Forbes article on Millennials looking for healthy career options, 80% of respondents believe work-life balance is a strong factor in accepting a job.

Uncertainty has played a role in forming the need for a balanced mindset. Millennials and Gen-Z have experienced job losses at different points in their lives, affecting their attitudes towards careers. Millennials experienced job losses during the 2008 recession, and for Gen-Z, pandemic-related slowdowns are a very recent memory.

It’s a dynamic that strongly affects the psychological state of the individual, as noted in a Business Insider article on the two generations’ expectations of work. Additionally, college debt and unpredictable financial futures have prompted both generations to reframe their thinking and examine what is important to them individually by exploring different avenues of expression.

Aside from the simple need to live a balanced, fulfilling life, expression leads to an interest in various parallel pursuits. Once marginalized, hobbies are no longer considered secondary to a career. The younger generations are blurring the lines where no particular interest is mutually exclusive. Instead, for a growing number of young adults, “career” represents a combination of aspirations that intersect financially and creatively in business ventures that work alongside private branding and social media engagement.

Author, artist, speaker, entrepreneur and influencer Rosalind Panda represents this multi-faceted, cross-generational career approach. She is CEO of Rosalind IT Services, Founder of Rosalind Arts, Director of Rosalind Constructions and Co-Founder of ROVA Token. A big boost for a young entrepreneur, but an example of how to take multiple interests to a new business level with creativity as a common thread.

“Creativity is something everyone is born with, but some people take it to the extreme,” says Panda. “My goal behind my efforts is to remind people to create this awareness of their creative abilities.”

business side

With a background in computer information technology, Panda has spent the last 15 years helping enterprise clients such as Google, Citibank and Thermo Fisher Scientific understand how technology works by using design thinking at scale. She transferred her knowledge to a new IT services company that supports clients with their specific technology needs, from website design and software lifecycles to other technologies.

These efforts have been transferred to a blockchain environment with ROVA tokens, integrating crypto and trading applications in one ecosystem and offering the ability to buy and sell non-fungible token (NFT) art.

Artistic Pursuits

What may seem like a fire hose of separate entities is actually a multi-connected approach to spreading creativity across business platforms. At the heart of this relentless endeavor is an artist who finds expression and the business tools to launch it.

“I consider myself a global artist. I create oil paintings, adding thought, poetry and description,” she says. “All of my work carries an underlying message that speaks a language of humanity, inner peace, positivity and optimism.”

Her artistic pursuits balance her approach to business to experience a fulfilling life and career. “When only one side is stressed, the other side is hungry and unfulfilled,” she says.

In some ways, Panda is a more experienced example of what many younger people are beginning to explore. She manages the intersections of business, art and emerging currency markets while exploring her creative endeavors.

education and encouragement

Born in India, Panda grew up in a family where education and encouragement played a vital role. Her early school days before college gave her a foundation that led to an entrepreneurial and creative mindset.

“My early school years were based on a holistic upbringing that focused on a holistic approach to being human,” says Panda. “We were exposed to the spirituality and the human side, emphasizing the important elements in life. Perseverance and self-discipline were taught with reference to purpose and the big picture.”

Panda became involved in public speaking from a young age, which has carried over into speaking to this day. “I’ve been a public speaker since I was a child and have been exposed to various forms of extracurricular activities and creative analysis,” she adds. “My school fully encouraged me to be a scholar. They recognized my creativity, analytical skills and empathy for the world to serve a purpose.”

Her parents were also strong supporters, especially her father, who made it a point to challenge her thinking. She fondly remembers her father’s attention to her future.

“My father would take me to the bookstore and buy books older than my age. He exposed me to complex ideas before I could fully understand them. He said he could envision a future where I would impact the world and live with purpose. He told me it was his responsibility as a father to give me wings. My father was my best mentor who offered me patience, knowledge and a strong foundation.”


As Panda pursues her business and artistic dreams in the United States, she is reminded of the adaptability that has set the stage for her entrepreneurial endeavors. Over the years, she has relocated from various cities across the US, ending up more permanently in New York, which she says is her home away from her Indian roots.

“I was living outside my comfort zone when I returned to India,” she recalls. “Because of my father’s work as a soil protection officer and engineer, we moved frequently. It gave me this beautiful essence of adaptability.”

Panda shares how she avoids comparing herself to others: “I have my own vision and my way of paving the way. It’s about being patient, but most of all it’s about enthusiasm, determination and determination. All of this together gives me this driving force, a wonderful, noble reason to move forward.”

As Millennials and Gen-Z aim to rewrite the narrative by giving greater meaning and value to activities previously mislabeled as hobbies, the “go all out” activities of people like Rosalind Panda can Provide insights that can be explored and adapted to individual journeys.

Panda can sell you information technology, crypto solutions, or a stunning oil canvas in the same encounter. She’s not promoting a hobby to further the conversation. Rather, Panda reflects a generation determined to have it all and create an all-inclusive lifestyle that doesn’t separate value or allotted time by day of the week.

The interviews have been edited and shortened for reasons of clarity.

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