Michael Jordan’s shocking 1-word response to popular sports figures contracting HIV in a 1992 interview

Millions of fans around the world consider NBA legend Michael Jordan to be the GOAT of the NBA. During his illustrious playing career, Jordan has won 6 NBA titles, 6 Finals MVP Awards, and 5 NBA MVP Awards.

MJ played a major role in popularizing the game of basketball in the late 80’s and 90’s. And he continues to do so. Another all-time great that helped popularize the game in the early 80’s is Magic Johnson. His grips, passing and flair brought fans into the arenas, which filled in no time.


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After his move to the Los Angeles Lakers in 1979, he was in action. Johnson immediately helped the Lakers win the 1980 title and was named Finals MVP. He then won 4 more championships with Purple and Gold. Before the 1991-92 season, however, his world came to a shocking halt.


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During the preseason physical test, Johnson was diagnosed with HIV. Johnson publicly announced that he was retiring immediately. The NBA world was in a state of disbelief. Magic Johnson later admitted that he contracted the condition because he had numerous sexual partners during his playing career. In 1992, Michael Jordan said he wouldn’t be surprised if other athletes tested positive for HIV.

Michael Jordan talks about HIV

Michael Jordan appeared in a 1992 issue of Playboy magazine and gave one of his most interesting and shocking interviews of all time. The interviewer first asked when Jordan heard the news about Johnson. The Bulls legend said Magic’s agent left him a message to call him right away and it’s an emergency. Jordan revealed he almost ran off the road when his agent broke the news to him.


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1992: Michael Jordan (L), Magic Johnson (M) and Clyde Drexler (R) of Team USA, the Dream Team, sit on the bench during the men’s basketball competition at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, ​​Spain. (Photo by Icon Sportswire)

The interviewer later asked “Would you be surprised if there are other athletes who have tested positive?” And MJ shockingly said: “No.”

Jordan said Magic Johnson was calm when speaking to him. MJ said So he gave me Earvin’s number and I called him at home. He was as calm as you and me. I said to him, “Damn, you’re calmer than me. I’m about to pull off the road.” He said, “I just want you to get on with your life. I am fine, my baby is fine, my wife is fine.”


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The Lakers legend attempted a comeback in 1996, but it wasn’t very successful. Despite this, he leads a happy and healthy life.

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