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The pandemic has forced many people indoors, and for many this means more time in front of the TV or computer. Screen time now averages 7 hours a day, which has led to all-time highs of obesity, declining health, anxiety and depression.

There is a global health crisis and Forever Today hopes to merge the world of gaming with fitness and health to combat this problem.

Forever builds Web3, social games for healthy habits

Forever’s first game was a step competition between NYC and Miami: 20,000 people signed up in less than a month and took more than 500 million steps. This was a great initial effort to play fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but the company wanted to do more.

Therefore, Forever is launching a character-based game called Mebots. In a way, it works like Pokemon Go. It measures how many steps you take, health data and other actions in the physical world to determine information about the digital avatar. The more you walk and stay healthy, the better and your digital twin will change in appearance.

Me + Bot = Mebot is your digital twin. It’s the first Web3 character to get healthier as you exercise IRL. It’s an NFT fitness collectible that becomes more unique and valuable with every step you take in real life.

Once you have your Gen 0 Mebot, you can earn Heart Tokens through walking and sports. These tokens can then be used to create new Baby Gen 1 Mebots. These baby bots then need to be cared for and raised to maturity like Pokemon or Tamagotchi pets. Once they grow up, their unique traits are revealed to the next generation.

To encourage people to be healthier, walking more steps than other players also increases the chance of spawning a rarer Gen 0 Mebot.

To be most successful in the game, players can team up with other players and make mutual contracts. Working together in a contract increases the points you earn. In this way, the game encourages social interaction and collaboration to stay healthy.

Mebots is the first social fitness game on Web3 and Forever hopes to help players live healthier, happier lives and become their best selves.

Forever also supports

Forever also supports the work of by donating a portion of its proceeds to help our nonprofit continue to publish news and educational materials, raise funds for research, and do the many other things we do.

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