Lotte Low Sugar Snacks, Dole Clean Label Juices, Cost Saving Sugar Reduction and more

In search of the sweet spot: Lotte says low-sugar snacks and confectionery are top NPD drivers

Snacking giant Lotte has revealed that low-sugar and sugar-free are key trends guiding its new product development across both its snacks and confectionery portfolios, while also announcing plans to increase sales in the Middle East and South Africa.

Lotte has two main manufacturing facilities in Asia, one in Japan and one in Thailand, and according to the company’s Thai office, the most popular brands currently both locally and for export to the region are Koala’s March Biscuits, Toppo Biscuit Sticks and Xylitol Gum Chews.

“Lotte has a presence in snack and confectionery markets around the world and in APAC, and we have seen low-sugar and no-sugar products gain traction among consumers in many countries,”Thai Lotte Assistant Export Department Manager Surasak Suwannapim said FoodNavigator Asia.

Defeating the “Bad Guys”: Dole focuses on clean label and fortification for juice product innovation in APAC

Fruit products heavyweight Dole has announced plans to focus on developing more clean label and fortified juice products for the Asia-Pacific market, citing rising consumer interest in the region as a key driver.

Although Dole, formerly Dole Sunshine Company, is already a household name in the region when it comes to fruit products and juices, it is important for the company to continue to push the development of products with a focus on health and wellness given the increasing consumer awareness in the Region.

As such, it has chosen to make clean label and fortification a key focus of its ongoing product innovation efforts, particularly in juices.

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