Los Gatos couple dare to start supplement company – The Mercury News

A new, local nutritional supplement company wants to “shake up the supplement industry”.

Los Gatos residents Danielle and David Stanton founded Fuel 4 Ever, a company focused on gut health and a healthy lifestyle that manufactures dietary supplements with no fillers, colors or other additives.

“We want to offer people supplements that we want to take ourselves and feel comfortable taking for our children. Things that don’t contain anything artificial,” said David Stanton, a board-certified gastrointestinal nurse.

The couple were inspired to create Fuel 4 Ever after Danielle’s health issues were addressed with natural foods and supplements.

Danielle suffered from depression, chronic irritable bowel syndrome and insomnia for years, all of which she managed with prescription drugs.

“I went down this rabbit hole full of pharmaceutical drugs and prescription drugs. After fixing one thing, I had more symptoms and it led to more medication,” Danielle said. “I looked at my husband who is a nurse. … I said, ‘I want more out of my life than this path of drugs. I want to heal; I want to find the root cause.’”

After addressing the root cause with natural foods and supplements, Danielle said she and David started talking about how they could help other people in their situation to get better.

Research shows that gut health is directly related to mental health, and according to the American Psychological Association, 95% of the serotonin produced by the body comes from the gut.

Gut health is linked to happiness, mood, thought processes, memory and cognition, David said. Dietary supplements with ingredients that don’t upset the gut can have significant health effects.

“It’s not like we put ingredients in our supplements that help you think better or keep your gut happy, but we do remove the things that aren’t necessarily good for your gut, like sucralose, an artificial sweetener, Aspartame, acisolame…all those artificial fillers and all those things that your gut doesn’t necessarily know what to do with and your body doesn’t know how to metabolize.”

The company’s two flagship products, FAST and SLEEP, were scheduled to launch online on their website and Amazon on August 1st.

FAST is designed to encourage intermittent fasting without breaking it. The supplement is designed to provide energy and a boost of essential amino acids, electrolytes, green tea extract and creatine that allow your body to stay in a sober state.

Danielle said she had been taking Ambien for many years and when it stopped working she realized she needed to address the root cause of her insomnia. She found that she had a magnesium deficiency that made it difficult for her to fall asleep on her own.

Their non-addictive sleep aid, SLEEP, is designed to be safe to take on a daily basis. It’s made with magnesium, lemon balm, chlorella, and coriander to provide a natural calming effect.

The Fuel 4 Ever supplements are available for $44.95 on Fuel4Ever.com or Amazon. The Stantons will be releasing protein bars later this year. The protein bars are purely natural and made without chemicals.

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