littli launches new travel-friendly toothbrushes to help the world smile brighter on the go

littli portable toothbrushes for clean teeth on the go

littli offers confidence with wearable personal care electronics

The littli L1 portable electric toothbrush redefines personal care

The eco-conscious, minimalist electronics startup delivers products that make consumers’ lives easier and reinvents electric toothbrushes

We are excited to bring exciting new travel-friendly power toothbrush options to consumers who lead lives on the go, helping them maintain their healthy lifestyle.”

— Max Wong, CMO

LONDON, ENGLAND, Aug. 1, 2022 / — littli, a modern and minimalist electronics company, has launched two new travel-friendly toothbrushes, the littli L1 portable electric toothbrush and the littli U1 ultrasonic electric toothbrush. The two new products build on littli’s commitment to delivering innovative products with a low environmental footprint that help people look and feel good wherever life takes them.

Maintaining good oral health can be a challenge for people on the go, especially those who enjoy outdoor adventures. Manual toothbrushes provide insufficient cleaning power for many users, and electric toothbrushes can be too heavy to take with you on the go. Additionally, many of today’s electric toothbrushes come with a variety of features and speeds, making it difficult for consumers to choose the right one for their needs.

littli’s development team sought to solve these issues by providing consumers with lightweight, travel-friendly electric toothbrush options without unnecessary features while providing exceptional oral care.

Both new products are slim, light and portable, making personal hygiene easier on the go, when dining out or when camping and hiking. The portable electric toothbrush littli L1 is compact at 183 millimeters by 19 millimeters by 19 millimeters and thus only slightly longer than the Apple Pencil; lightweight, weighs only 40 grams without a case and weighs two grams less than AirPods; and portable, allowing users to travel with it easily. The U1 model offers a similar travel-friendly design and features while delivering unparalleled cleaning power powered by 48,000 vibrations per minute.

Both brushes also feature single mode and one button functionality, offering simplified personal care at an attractive price point. littli toothbrushes are also made from recycled materials to minimize the environmental impact. A protective head cover improves portability and protects brushes while stowed in a pouch. Both models are also compatible with Type-C input chargers, so no special stands or accessories are required for charging, and a full charge offers 30 days of battery life.

littli’s products are rated positively by users. Alessandro Citterio, a backpacker and photographer from Italy, shared: “I bought two toothbrushes for my two week trip to Iceland in July. My girlfriend loves the compact size. I am satisfied with the purchase.”

littli’s products have also caught the attention of consumers and critics alike, earning the fledgling startup a multitude of awards and certifications. Since launching in 2021, littli has won the Spark Design Award in the USA, the A Design Award in Italy and the Outdoor Design Award in Korea.

“We’re excited to offer on-the-go consumers exciting new travel-friendly electric toothbrush options to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said Max Wong, littli’s CMO. “Our toothbrushes are easy to use and easy to carry without sacrificing cleaning power, so you can have confidence in your smile and oral health with a no-fuss toothbrush that delivers the ultimate cleaning.”

littli’s products are available online from the company’s website and are shipped worldwide.

To find out more about littli and their minimalist, eco-conscious personal care electronics, visit their website at or their Instagram page.

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littli wants to reinvent the electric toothbrush for today’s mobile traveler. Travel-friendly, small, portable, lightweight and easy to use, littli’s electric and ultrasonic toothbrushes will accompany you wherever life takes you and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go. littli uses modern science and technology to help you look and feel good with minimal impact on the planet with its eco-conscious approach to travel-friendly electronics.

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