Lisa Snowdon: ‘I’ve Had A Few Problems’ Star Reveals Health Story And Morning Routine

The 50-year-old, who first rose to fame after dating George Clooney, explained that the only thing that really shines is her passion for empowering women and educating them on various topics, be it related to health or fashion advice. This has led to the star starting a Self-Care Sunday series on Instagram, leading up to her Get Lifted podcast and now the Menopause Madness series with Dr. Naomi Potter on both Instagram Live and YouTube. But aside from helping others take care of their health, how does Snowdon take care of her own?

When asked about any previous health conditions, if any, Snowdon took a moment to think before replying: “I’ve had a few issues. A few things that came up.

“I’ve had a few surgeries. I had a hernia removed when I was seven, my tonsils removed when I was 17, my appendix removed when I was 28. And then I was fine for a while.

“Then I was hospitalized for meningitis and glandular fever. So I was a bit down at the time and it had some effect on my energy levels and my brain focus.”

Snowdown elaborated: “Obviously when you have meningitis your brain swells up and so there were a couple of years where I felt different – like I needed to conserve my energy and know when enough is enough.

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“And then I had COVID-19 twice. Well otherwise I was pretty fit and healthy… Although it doesn’t sound like it! Only organs removed every 10 years.”

Joking about her own health, Snowdon explains her outlook on life by saying, “A little of what you love is good for you,” before explaining what that means to her personally.

She continued: “So I’ll have a drink. I like chocolate and snacks, but I think it’s all about the balance. I don’t want to deny myself too much, but I like certain things to be implemented; For example, at the moment I try not to drink during the week. But that means when Friday night comes around, I’ll get really excited!

“But I think if you can stay in tune with yourself and check in and say, ‘Okay, I’ve been on vacation and I’ve been drinking a lot, maybe I’ll detox a bit.’ And if we just do it and are honest with ourselves about how we are doing and how we sleep, that’s good.


“When you get a little bit older, you can’t get away with the stuff you used to do, and you have to really pay attention to that kind of thing.”

In a previous interview, Snowdon admitted she’s “a bit hippy-dippy” due to her love of crystals and mood-education, and spoke to experts on her podcast about diet, nutrition, and breathwork. But despite her love of “holistic herbal vibes,” the star understands the importance that diet, exercise, skincare and treatments can play in someone’s life.

She continued, “I still take painkillers when I have to. But I love products with active ingredients and you can’t always do that with homemade odds and ends. So it’s really the perfect mix of both that I’m trying and trying.

“We love food and have a happy kitchen at home. We eat pretty healthy and I cook things like fried fish and turkey chili. On days when we just want to indulge, it’s a homemade lasagna with goat’s cheese béchamel and lots of mozzarella.

“I’ve noticed a lot of skin and hair changes as I went through perimenopause and menopause, and I always talk about collagen. Collagen is so important in your diet and it really helps with my hair quality and skin because you kind of lose that shine.

“Then things like CBD oils and what’s called a pillow potion, which uses natural aromatherapy oils that tell your brain to calm down.”

After rattling off a list of some of her favorite products and feel-good techniques, she’s asked how it all fits into her everyday life, particularly her morning routine.

“I’m pretty set in my ways,” she begins. “George and I get an injection of live active bacteria first thing in the morning to help the gut because another problem with menopause is gut issues. So I’ve always been very conscious of maintaining a healthy gut biome as that then helps your brain.

“Then I wait 10 minutes, put the kettle on and drink hot water with lemon and I have my collagen powders. Then I’ll probably get in the shower and brush my whole body dry. Lately we’ve been taking cold showers as it’s easier in the summer and it’s a really good start to the day and gets me out of my comfort zone and gives me a good mental feeling.

“Then I will use all my lotions and potions for my skin care.”

In another recent interview, Snowdon concluded: “Life is short and you have to enjoy it. For me, well-being means balance.

“That means being more mindful, getting out into nature, doing breathing exercises, exercising, eating well, being happy and laughing a lot.

“I’ve turned 50 and I’m just getting started.”

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