LifeRoc Capital Repeats Fastest Growing Life Settlement Platform

LifeRoc grew 360% while leading industry competitors experienced negative growth

LOS ANGELES, August 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Industry statistics for 2021 have been released and LifeRoc Capital was by far the fastest growing life insurance provider in 2021. LifeRoc grew an impressive 360% over the past year, while much of the industry has experienced negative growth. LifeRoc grew five times faster than its closest competitor while purchasing five times more death benefits than last year.

LifeRoc has grown into a leading national life accounting platform who attribute their success to offering their advisors direct access to the major life accounting sources, 100% commission and unmatched support and service.

“We always knew that this business had a bright future and that we were ready to be at the forefront,” he said Aaron Giroux, CEO of LifeRoc Capital. “But experiencing it in real time is a rewarding feeling. We credit the LifeRoc model for being at the heart of our success along with a great team here helping agents and advisors access the best tools and industry leading networks worldwide buyers. We are more than just a bridge – we serve as a trusted partner, helping our advisors achieve the best terms for each client.”

LifeRoc – An industry leader in life insurance

Partnering with LifeRoc gives advisors a wide range of options and opportunities not typically available to other life insurance companies. With direct access to buyers, 100% commission and a concierge service that offers detailed 24-hour free policy reviews and case design, LifeRoc helps advisors offer their clients unmatched settlement offerings with core programs that include:

  • Traditional life accounting: Direct access to LifeRoc’s leading global network of policy buyers to create the greatest possible value for every life insurance claim.
  • Cash for term: Receive settlement quotes for convertible and non-convertible policies.
  • Withheld Death Benefit: Offer a variety of solutions for customers who still need coverage.
  • Healthy life settlement: Billing is also possible for the healthiest insured persons.
  • Variable Life Settlement: Variable CLS™ is an industry first – a platform for processing VUL-compliant life insurance.
  • Solution for life: The buyer buys life insurance policies with and without loans.
  • Accelerated Life Handling: Accelerated LS™ enables consultants to obtain comparative quotes in as little as 48 hours.

“Contact us directly to see how we can help you help your customers,” Giroux said. “Whether it’s direct access to our network of funders or working with our team of valuation experts and life insurance insiders, you don’t pay a 3rd dollar when working with usapprox party broker fees and always receive 100% commission. We’ve got you covered, no matter the angle. Call us now to find out more.”

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About LifeRoc Capital, LLC

LifeRoc is a fully licensed direct life insurance provider that helps professional advisors maximize the value of life insurance policies for their clients. LifeRoc works with the nation’s leading financial institutions, independent trust firms, financial planners, attorneys and accountants to help advisors navigate the complex but exciting world of life insurance. With a high-touch concierge approach, including unparalleled expertise and support for high net worth and high net worth markets, LifeRoc is a premier execution partner. Learn more at:

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