Letters to the editor | July 30, 2022 – Times Standard

Think of the people who serve

Reading the back cover of Wednesday, July 20, ‘Britain breaks temperature record’, part of the article talks about Buckingham Palace’s guards wearing their heavy ceremonial uniforms as they stand at attention in the extreme heat. Come on monarchy, think of others more than yourself, your people are suffering, partly due to climate change.

– Harold McArthur, Eureka

Kudos to the My Word author for submitting it

I have just finished reading My Word Who is Left to Speak for You? by David Schlosser.

This article is awesome, I can only hope David Schlosser is there to speak for me!

– Penny Whitehead, Rio Dell

Learn from the lessons of the January 6th uprising

The January 6 hearings are closed for the moment, but I won’t forget what I learned — that what happened that day was not an isolated attack on our Capitol. It is part of an ongoing criminal conspiracy to undermine our freedom of choice and the choice of our elected leaders.

Trump and his friends worked together to try to stop the peaceful transfer of power because the 2020 presidential election didn’t go their way. Now they are working to ensure that all of our future elections go their way, whether we vote in their favor or not.

Never before have we seen so many candidates for office on a platform that promises to destroy our democracy from within. Worst of all, many of these right-wing extremists want to take over the administration of elections and run for offices such as state secretary and district administrator. Once sworn in, many will not hesitate to overrule future elections if they or their MAGA allies lose.

The only way we can protect our elections is to fight back and make our voices heard. If our voice wasn’t powerful, the insurgents wouldn’t work so hard to take away our freedom of choice. It’s up to us to hold the election deniers accountable in the elections and vote the defenders of democracy up and down on November 8th.

— Joanna Welch, Eureka

Use the Broadway dolos to promote tourism

I have read with sadness and confusion over the question of the destruction or removal of the Dolos on Broadway. Could SJN Hospitality, LLC be persuaded to keep them on the property?

The dolos are a unique part of our culture in Eureka. Their history, why they are necessary for erosion control, and their precise positioning on the jetties are important aspects of life here. Most people never see them on the jetties because it is unsafe to venture out that far on foot. But an example of them can certainly be seen up close on Broadway. You are a precious commodity. I see no need to move them and they definitely shouldn’t be destroyed.

If there is to be a hotel in this location, the dolos could be incorporated into the property, just as some houses and roads incorporate huge trees or huge natural outcrops into the building plan. The city could work with the company to facilitate this, put up some explanatory signs and ensure that the dolos continue to educate and amaze our residents, students and visitors to the area. Just as we promote tourism in the forests, by the sea, in the city center and in the old town. The Dolos could be advertised as a tourist attraction. SJN Hospitality, LLC should be happy to keep the dolos on its property as an advertisement (Come see the dolos!) and a gesture of goodwill to the people of Eureka, Humboldt County and beyond.

The Public Works Department and City Council must immediately review this opportunity with SJN Hospitality, LLC before time expires.

– Nancy Renzo, Eureka

The country needs a better safety net

Once again I have a tenant with children who cannot pay the rent. I need money for roofing, insurance, taxes, painting, plumbing and more. I lost $10,000 in an eviction. If this family is evicted, where are they going? Will they live in a tent, a car, or a box? Without a pediatrician and the occasional desperate emergency room visit, what kind of education, nutrition, and health care will these children receive? This very wealthy country must provide a safety net that includes spartan housing and basic meals and a job-assistance program so that family breadwinners can get a job for which they are trained or receive the training needed for a decent job. Today’s homeless people commit crimes on cold, rainy nights with the intent of being arrested in exchange for a meal and a warm, dry place to sleep. We need psychiatric institutions for the mentally handicapped instead of prisons. These social programs would clean up business districts and eliminate homelessness, reduce drug abuse and benefit us all. As Republicans have moved from conservatism to dictatorial autocracy and the end of democracy, they use socialism as a dread word. Social programs are a form of limited socialism. Limited by our democracy. They work together so that we can have life, liberty and happiness. That means freedom of expression, freedom to be who we are, and living healthy so we can pursue our dreams and find true happiness.

— Larry DePuy, Eureka

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