Kevin Bacon’s Son Travis Bacon Opens Up About Tough Health Battle In Rare Statement: ‘Constant Battle’

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Kevin bacon and Kyra Sedgwicks Son Travis Bacon leads a relatively private life, and fans rarely get to see much of the 33-year-old aside from his parents’ sweet tributes to him on social media.

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The musician’s latest post, however gives a rare glimpse into his private lifeas he discusses his diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Travis used both TikTok and Instagram to update fans on what it’s like to live with bipolar disorderand his favorite healthy ways in which he manages his mental health.

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The video shows the singer in his backyard exercising by boxing with a boxing dummy. His statement about living with BPD was both very open and insightful to other people living with the same diagnosis.

He wrote: “Here is a kind reminder that living with bipolar disorder often means resentment for people [you] for your sanity if it interferes with your life plans.”

The metal rocker further added: “Finding healthy ways to channel your anger and mania is conducive to your survival and to manifest positivity on this miserable earth.”

Travis’ honest and thoughtful recollection

He explained: “Mine is Muay Thai. What’s yours?” Muay Thai is a form of boxing known as the art of the eight limbs that “uses standing punches along with various clinch techniques.”

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In his caption Travis revealed some of his upcoming work scheduleswrites: “Nominated for two projects this month that I really want. Trying to manifest something positive instead of squirming into a comfortable place of self-doubt and negativity. The constant struggle…”

The Bacon-Sedgwick team is very close-knit and the four have worked together on several projects

fans flooded him with support in the comments, writes: “Any project would be lucky to have you!” and: “Brilliant share T. Love this so much”, as well as: “Nice that you have something that helps you to keep your feet on the ground. Hope you get the projects!”

Travis has previously worked with his mother and father on various film projects as a music composer, most recently in space odditywhich was directed by Kyra and starred Kevin.

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