In a conversation with sexologist Dr. Sankalp Jain, Dr. AK Jains IVF & Sexology Clinic

The very first IVF and sexology center provides facilities for both men and women to get rid of sexual problems and infertility problems with a success rate of 96%. And also destroys the mindset of ordinary people not to speak openly about it. Nowadays, studies have proved that most Indian men are concerned about “size” and “frequency”, but for women, besides unwanted pregnancies, it mainly depends on “quality” and “foreplay”.

Dr Sankalp Jain is India’s First Psychosexologist by the American Board of Sexology and the American Board of Sexologists.

“Dr. AK Jain’s clinic is entrusted to the American Merit Council. Certificate No. 435779

Dr Sankalp Jain is India’s First Psychosexologist from the American Board of Sexology and American Board of Sexologists.

Your tests will also be submitted to the ICMR. The tests are GMP-certified, so counterfeiting is impossible. Their products are manufactured in such a way that there is no stopping them from getting a qualification and securing a place among the companies that produce 100% original and side-effect-free medicines.

dr AK is the first Ayurvedic sex specialist to receive an award from the Government of India and received a certificate with the national emblem from the Vice President of India.

For more than ten years I have been in this profession of helping people heal their sexual problems and lead a healthy life. It is inherited from my family as they have been doing it since 1926 when my great grandfather started it, the late Rajvaidya Chandrasen Jain. After that my late grandfather Rajvaidya Chandra Kumar Jain took it over and then it was taken over by my father, Dr. AK Jain, continued. I admire him more than anything and appreciate him beyond measure. So it’s nothing new to me.

What Causes Sexual Weakness and Disability?

There can be many reasons for this type of harassment, but usually people face it because of stress. In a modern world, many people are afraid as our lifestyle changes over time. To reduce anxiety, people become addicted to smoking, drinking, etc. Poor people can’t even eat properly and say that sexual disabilities can occur due to many reasons. But the patient can be cured with proper guidance and treatment.

How can a sexual disability lead to divorce?

A happy married life depends deeply on the couple’s sexual prowess. It’s not the only reason to stay in a relationship, it’s the most important reason to be with someone for a long time. The couple faced with it are too ashamed to say it and publicly consult a doctor. Many confront him after consultation, they too gradually became hopeless. So this dissatisfaction brings with it fear over a long period of time and the partners become unhappy with each other and end up in divorce.

How are you working to change society’s attitudes towards sexual issues and education?

My suggestion for permanently solving the problem is that sex education should be taught in schools abroad. So children can talk about it publicly without hesitation. They will talk about sexual problems with their parents, teachers, etc. And it will no longer remain taboo in society.

Are there any home remedies to improve sexual performance and have a healthy sex life?

Yoga can be a game changer when it comes to having a happy sex life. In addition to yoga, regular exercise also helps to improve sexual performance. Both reduce stress after working all day. Some free-hand exercises at home like push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and squats naturally increase testosterone levels. And exercise will help you have an empty stomach as you will be forced to eat if you feel hungry afterwards and the testosterone released by exercise will help build muscle and some mass in your body like chest and shoulders to win will massage and your sexual performance would be better.

Proper nutrition with all kinds of vitamins, minerals and proteins is essential for a healthy life. Some high-protein vegetables like spinach, broccoli, etc. You should have some fruits like peach, orange, and grapefruit in your all-day meal. These are essential foods for growth and enhancing sexual performance.

Some other types of foods also help people become infertile. Like honey, dates, figs, etc. are helpful in increasing sexual performance. Hormonal imbalance can affect sex life. A small increase in testosterone is the reason why a person cannot satisfy their partner in bed. And his desire for sex also begins to decrease.

At the same time, dates help to increase the number and quality of sperm. Since ancient times, figs have been used to heal various sex-related problems like fertility, erectile dysfunction, etc. Black grief plays an important role in treating impotence, premature ejaculation and sperm deficiency.

Sexual energy can be increased by taking almonds. When cardamom (Elaichi) is mixed with milk and added to the daily diet, sexual potency is greatly increased.

There is no hiding a sexual problem in this modern era as most people face it for various reasons. Some problems were cured in time with proper treatment. Some go through it and still couldn’t find a way out and end up in a mess. Before it’s too late, everyone should see a doctor in time to get proper treatment. The clinic of dr. AK Jain offers numerous therapies to cure all sexual problems for the rest of your life.

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