Hunger and food security approaching the world

What is hunger and food insecurity?

hunger and food insecurity is caused by insufficient intake of dietary supplements or lack of food, resulting in uncomfortable or painful sensations. If a person does not consume an adequate amount of calories or simply food on a daily basis, they can suffer from chronic hunger and food insecurity. Food intake is important for every human being to maintain a healthy life and growth. Hunger makes it difficult to grow into a healthy person. Less than 1800 calories per day are malnutrition or food deprivation.

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What is food insecurity?

If a person does not have regular access to food for nourishment and growth and it hampers the person’s development, it’s known as food insecurity. Food shortages can have different causes and food insecurity can vary in severity.

Food production around the world is more than enough to feed the world population, but there are still more than 829 million people who go to bed hungry. hunger has been on the rise lately, affecting almost 10% of the world’s population. Especially that Covid-19 pandemic along with climate change and wars, has had a tremendous impact on increasing hunger around the world.

hunger and food insecurity are related and the situation that binds them together is poverty. Poverty is a long-term problem faced by millions of people around the world. Poverty is at the root of food insecurity. Unemployed people who do not have enough money to buy or afford food on a daily basis are likely to be food insecure. These people suffer from obesity, diabetes and nutrient deficiencies, which lead to stunted growth in children. Another aspect of this can be negligence, be it on the part of the government or the common man. Everyone has ignored this serious problem, putting it off for a day when millions sleep hungry and die of food insecurity. The scenario may become more painful if the right measures are not taken this time. There is enough food but no proper food management. Food supply must be the main priority to check food availability for people.

Facts on hunger and food insecurity

  • In the US, starvation problems became known in the 1930s when a quarter of Americans were unemployed.
  • The government was asked to buy surplus wheat from farmers and donate it to famine relief.
  • Federal food aid has expanded over the years despite objections.
  • A temporary food stamp program was established in 1939, and the National School Lunch Program was established in 1946.
  • America conducted several emergency food campaigns to eradicate hunger and food insecurity.

Hunger and food insecurity in India

India was home to the most malnourished people in the world. The latest report of State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI)along with five UN organizations In July, it emerged that the pandemic and the state’s failure to address its effects had resulted in a significant drop in hunger and food insecurity in India. According to the report, hunger and food insecurity in India increased by 6.8 percent from 2018 to 2020. 9.7 million people in India suffer from hunger and food insecurity after the COVID-19 pandemic.

FAQs on hunger and food security

1. What is the impact of chronic food insecurity?
to Chronic food insecurity can lead to underweight, wasting and stunted growth. More than a quarter of the world’s children are underdeveloped due to food insecurity and hunger.

2. How many people are food insecure?
to The United Nations estimates that 345 million people worldwide are acutely food insecure.

3. What is the main cause of hunger?
to Hunger is usually caused by a lack of food. However, there are several other reasons for hunger such as poverty, economic crisis, political crisis, etc.

4. Is hunger a social problem?
to Hunger and food insecurity are caused by poverty. It prevents people from eating the right amount of food, which causes several other diseases. Hunger is a social problem that affects millions of people around the world.

5. What is food insecurity?
to Food insecurity is the inability to provide all people with adequate food and nutrients on a regular basis.

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