How many minutes of exercise per week are necessary for a healthy life?

The results were published in Journal Circulation of the American Heart AssociationAssuming that “it was not yet clear whether engaging in higher levels of activity over a longer period of time has additional benefits or adverse effects on cardiovascular health,” stated Dong Hoon Lee, Harvard researcher.

The research evaluated mortality data and medical records from more than 100,000 people AmericaThe median age of 66 years followed over 30 years wanted to “explore the relationship between long-term physical activity and mortality”.

The authors said the research “provides evidence to guide people in choosing the right amount and intensity of physical activity throughout life to maintain their overall health.”

How Much Physical Activity Should You Do?

The study took the current guidelines as parameters American Heart AssociationBased on the 2018 US Department of Health and Human Services physical activity guidelines.

The organization recommends doing per week at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity or a combination of both.

moderate activity

  • walk
  • Low intensity exercise
  • lift weights
  • calistenie

vigorous activity

  • Jog
  • run
  • Nadar
  • cycle
  • Other aerobic exercise.

During the study period, the risk of death was reduced in those who did two to four times the recommended amount of physical activity.

*Participants who met guidelines for vigorous physical activity (at least 75 minutes per week) saw a 19% lower overall risk of dying from all causes over the long term.

* For those who doubled (150 minutes) and quadrupled (300 minutes) the recommendation, this increased to between 21% and 23%.

*Participants who met guidelines for moderate physical activity (at least 150 minutes per week) had a 20% to 21% reduced risk of dying from all causes over the long term.

*Those who exercised twice (300 minutes) and four times (600 minutes) had a 26% to 31% lower risk benefit.

What is the ideal time?

“The lowest mortality rates were achieved with 150 to 300 minutes of vigorous activity per week, 300 to 600 minutes of moderate activity per week, or a combination of both,” the study concluded.

Previous studies have found evidence that prolonged, high-intensity endurance exercise — such as marathons, triathlons, and bicycle races — may increase the risk of cardiovascular events.

However, this new study found no harmful effects on heart health in people who reported doing more than four times the recommended minimum activity level, either moderate (i.e. more than 600 minutes per week) or vigorous. (more than 300 minutes per week).

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