Honestly, wrestling fans should speak their minds without being disrespectful

Rivalries between wrestling fans are nothing new as they have been around since the beginning, but there should be a line that should never be crossed as it could affect our favorite wrestlers who put their bodies on the line for our pleasure on a weekly basis.

Competition is always important as it essentially makes things better as different companies want to be better than the others. Therefore, the same thing that happens in wrestling as AEW, WWE and NJPW (to name a few) try to have a product that the audience will like. Having competition in wrestling is fun, but sometimes fans should think twice about how they conduct themselves on shows or even on social media.

See, I know we fans can get upset, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as things don’t get out of hand enough to affect the sanity of a talent or even backstage members of a company. The truth is that no advert is perfect, it will have flaws and not everyone will agree with their choices when trying to please, from sponsors to fans who work hard to deliver the best product possible.

We as fans can be respectful of a product, there is no reason to be disrespectful to online wrestlers when something is not going the way we would like or how someone’s booking might not be the best. Ever since the Monday Night Wars, fans have had entitlement as we believe companies should do what we say, but unfortunately things don’t work that way.

Wrestling fans need to be mature because we don’t realize how much we could impact a talent that works their hardest, mental health is important and we want our favorite wrestlers to live healthy lifestyles inside and outside the square circle. I think mental health is important because it affects us all differently, talents like Eddie Kingston have spoken about how it can affect someone’s well-being and there should be more discussion on this topic.

Wrestlers also have private lives, they are not invincible and they deal with the same things as everyone else and struggle with many things on a daily basis that we may not even know about. Instead of beating them up and being mean to them, fans should applaud their work ethic and passion for wrestling.

Will Ospreay is also a prominent name who has opened up about his mental health struggles outside of the ring due to the death of a close family member:

“It was literally one of the worst times of my life. I felt like I had let the whole world down and was just putting myself under pressure. I killed it in the gym, I killed it in my diet. I was as bad as ever, everyone knows what my mental side of things was like I was going down and down and down. I got a call from Alice’s mother to let me know that Ryan had passed away. Ryan is one of my best friends. To this day I can’t get over it and only then did I tell New Japan about all my problems because I masked it so much and New Japan did so much for me.– Will Ospreay

We need to really enjoy the current state of wrestling and support all of the amazing talent and the myriad of promotions that are out there now and those that may be on the way. Many talents depend on us, and we want our actions to have a positive impact, not a negative impact.

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