Healthy Acadia partners with Frenchman’s Bay Public Library to raise awareness of methamphetamine abuse

Healthy Acadia, in partnership with Frenchman’s Bay Public Library, will host a methamphetamine presentation on Tuesday, September 6 at 2:00 p.m. in person at the library at the Sullivan-Sorrento Recreation Center, 1776 US Highway 1 in Sullivan.

Methamphetamine-related deaths in Maine more than tripled between 2019 (47 deaths) and 2021 (166 deaths). In response to this surge in meth abuse, Healthy Acadia has developed a free learning session for law enforcement officials, social service providers, other interested stakeholders, and community members to raise awareness of what meth use, impairment, and overdose look like. This work is supported by a substance use prevention grant from Maine Prevention Services to combat opioid and stimulant abuse.

The September 6 session will last approximately 30 minutes and will provide a general overview of methamphetamine terminology, manufacturing, addictive potential, short- and long-term health effects, withdrawal symptoms, and overdose data in Maine. Participants will explore how to recognize if someone they meet may be under the influence of meth and how to provide help.

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