Has COVID-19 Affected Adult Friendships?

NEW DELHI – The pandemic has forced us to reconsider who and what matters to us when it comes to how we allocate our attention. Some friendships may have ended as a result of the pandemic, while others have gradually faded.

We’ve observed that some relationships have been sustained by enduring affection, while others have been lost without a personal anchor, when communication was limited to texts, phone calls, and the occasional celebration on Zoom. In fact, after the pandemic, people’s perspective on real connections has changed.

According to Bumble’s research, 43 percent of Indian adults surveyed said COVID had a negative impact on their intimate relationships. In comparison, only 18 percent of people reported good effects. The loss of adult friendships is profound, whether through arguments or simply losing contact with friends.

Indian citizens cite trust (62 percent), regular communication, shared values ​​(48 percent) and equal effort (42 percent) as the top three characteristics of a meaningful connection.

“At Bumble, we firmly believe that social connections play a crucial role in the human experience and that strong relationships are key to living a happy and healthy life. According to our recent study, 34 percent of Indian adults would like to expand their circle of friends in new ways after the pandemic. More and more people in India are now opening up to making friends virtually and Bumble BFF is a great way to meet like-minded people who are all there with the common goal of connecting!” shared Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director. bumble, with

Bumble’s relationship expert Shahzeen Shivdasani shares tips on rekindling old friendships:

. Outreach: When you’re ready to outreach, what you say isn’t as important as making the effort. Reaching out to someone by asking or providing a life update after a period of separation conveys the value and importance of friendship. Offer an explanation if you like.

. Consider comfort levels and respect boundaries: make an effort to reach them and show them that you respect their space. Don’t expect them to reconnect and respect the pace they set to reconnect with you if they choose to.

. Make plans: Schedule a face-to-face meeting or a virtual meeting once you feel comfortable. While you can hang out in groups and still enjoy each other’s company, real bonding happens when you open up when it’s just the two of you. This is how some friendships are formed.

. It takes effort: All relationships take effort, and that includes friendships. If you do manage to rekindle your friendship, think about the reasons they broke up in the first place. Honest, open communication is key.

. Accept: When your efforts to rekindle a friendship are unsuccessful, accept the loss. Resist the urge to pressure your friend to revive the relationship. All you can do is express your sincere desire to reconnect and hope the gesture will be reciprocated. If not, maybe it’s time to move on. (IANS)

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