FitR completes INO and IDO on NFTb with its DeFi as a Service

FitR, a Web3 lifestyle app that promotes healthy and active living, has decided to complete an INO and IDO using NFTb’s DeFi as a Service. It is indeed an announcement worth making, and NFTb did just that. To properly understand what exactly is possible for all health-conscious individuals and groups with this merger of NFTb and FitR, let’s first look at each entity separately.

As a fully multi-chain DeFi, NFTb offers an NFT space for connected communities. The idea behind this is to help developers and create a scenario for them to discover that their DeFi dApps are useful and likable. NFTb also offers an exclusive NFT marketplace for a global user audience to have unlimited access to related and required buyers from any part of the world.

Indeed, the standout feature here would be the convenient setup for ultimate connectivity. Endless farming opportunities can also be explored via their DeFi platform. Making NFTb a reliable and financially viable entity is the fact that it is backed by Spark Digital Capital, Rarestone Capital and the Binance Accelerator Fund.

FitR, on the other hand, is a Web3 lifestyle metaverse app. It’s just wonderful how this app manages to bring individuals and like-minded communities together with its playful, online gaming-like features and features. The social aspects of the app are also its unique gift to users.

This Web3 lifestyle metaverse app takes the help of advanced AI technology. The game’s interaction with the exercise and fitness users is beyond exciting and in fact a whole new concept. There are countless opportunities for health enthusiasts to explore and get involved.

Filling users’ lives with pure physical energy and well-being also helps bring health-conscious people together. This also gives such persons the opportunity to participate in the various exercise activities together.

As the people who live in it slowly become more self-centered and holding back on themselves becomes the norm, the Web3 lifestyle app is definitely a true boon for everyone. Quiet lifestyles are making their adverse effects felt on individuals in general and communities in general. Healthy interactions with the environment and people are a thing of the past.

However, the good news is that a way has been opened to correct all of this. The excitement and sheer energy that these practice games bring to users, individually and collectively, will bring about all the necessary differences and changes that are sorely needed and require the entire hour.

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