Fast-growing health food chain plans 2 new locations in Colorado Springs

A fast-growing health food restaurant chain goes green in Colorado Springs.

Louisville, Kentucky’s Green District, which specializes in salads, wraps, bowls and freshly made dressings and sauces, has targeted an August 23 opening at the Briargate Crossing mall, southeast of Powers Boulevard and Briargate Parkway in the city, far in Northeast, said co-founder and chief development officer Chris Furlow.

A second Green District is slated to open in October in the north-facing Polaris Pointe retail development, southeast of Interstate 25 and North Gate Boulevard, he said.

Founded in 2017, the chain has nine locations in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. By the end of the year, Green District expects to have a total of 25 restaurants, including the two in Springs and another slated to open in September at the Denver Tech Center.

Furlow said he and Jordan Doepke, Green District’s other co-founder and CEO, were trying to expand their brand into large markets that might have been bypassed by quickly served, healthy eating options. But their strategy avoids large metro areas like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, he said.

“We had really good success in Louisville, Kentucky,” he said. “We’re about three to four hours south of Chicago. Chicago would be an obvious no-brainer for a large, growing development. (But) this is where we say it’s not fair that the surrounding markets don’t understand these other concepts, like an Indianapolis, a Cincinnati, a Nashville.

“When we said we’re going to grow, we always wanted to stay true to going into the, I wouldn’t say smaller markets, but the ones that don’t quite have the big skyscrapers and towers,” Furlow added. “You can call it a secondary market, a ‘B’ town if you will. I would say where for us to have a bigger impact in a smaller community rather than getting lost in the wilderness of a huge city. “

Doepke has lived in Colorado Springs for several years and is familiar with the area and its quality of life, Furlow said.

Now Springs’ booming population makes it attractive, but it still fits the chain’s desire to locate in not-too-large metro areas, he said.

“It’s another market outside of a big city,” Furlow said.


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