Encourage women to prioritize health by telling them these 5 things

I lost my grandmother days ago. She suffered from ulcers for a long time, which later ruptured and her health deteriorated. Looking back, it seems like the only way she could have prevented the point at which her health deteriorated was if she had talked about it and spoken to her family about her illness. However, she was not alone, I know numerous women who never disclose their health problems until they become unbearable.

My grandmother suffered greatly from this for months. She was regularly taken to the hospital and prescribed new medication. But nothing works unless the patient is alert and ready to be healed. Despite knowing about the disease, my grandma rarely took precautions. She used to skip her medication, eat strictly forbidden things and do chores instead of resting. Now that she is no longer with us, all we can think about is how we could have saved her. This also motivated me to talk to women in my family about their health and to encourage them to take their illnesses seriously.

Women’s tendency to ignore their own health is rooted in their conditioning to put loved ones ahead of themselves. Sacrifice has been romanticized to the point where women see taking care of themselves as a selfish act. But this approach needs to change. Women need to understand that their needs and ailments deserve your attention. And just as they take care of their loved ones, their families need to take care of their well-being.

Encourage women to prioritize health by telling them these five things:

You are more than your patriarchal identity

Women measure their worth by the standards patriarchy has set for women. And according to patriarchy, women are victim beings who must attend to the needs of families and communities. But dear women, your identity is much more and much different than what society limits you to. Before you become a mother, sister, wife or bahu, you are a woman who needs to be cared for and deserves a healthy life.

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Taking care of your health is also your duty

Women sacrifice their health to take care of others because they feel it is their duty. And who doesn’t want to fulfill their duties and be rewarded for doing so? But then it is also your duty to take care of your own health. Your body deserves your love and attention because it helps you do all your tasks without interruption to support your busy lifestyle, and if you want it to keep doing that, you need to take care of it.

Ignoring your health also affects your loved ones

Dear women, do you know the consequences of your ignorance for your health? It affects not only you but also the people around you who love you. No loving husband or child wants to see the woman in his life sick. They all want you to be fit – physically and emotionally. So, taking care of your own health is something you must do for your loved ones as well.

You are setting the wrong example for the women of the next generation

When daughters see their mothers ignoring their health and prioritizing responsibilities, they also internalize the same mindset. They are also beginning to give health a low priority and try to be as efficient as their mothers at work. Do you want to teach your daughters that their health doesn’t matter? If no, then you need to lead by example and show them that health should be a priority for everyone.

Don’t let criticism or age-old beliefs make you feel guilty

The stereotyping of self-care as a selfish act must be broken. Focusing on your health is not a selfish act, but an act of awareness. So get over that guilt and stop telling yourself that if you don’t take medication or rest against the doctor’s advice, you’ll be put on a pedestal. Sacrifice is overrated.

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