Eat Clean Chicago offers healthy, chef-prepared meals in the Midwest

Live smart by eating healthy meals curated by nutritionists, delivered right to your door

Eating healthy, nutritious food has become a top priority for many people now more than ever. However, the challenge remains in preparing and cooking these meals as not everyone has the skills or time to do so. Not to mention that most people often don’t do enough research about the foods they consume.

Founded in 2015 with the sole purpose of serving people, particularly those living in the Midwest, Eat Clean Chicago is dedicated to helping people achieve their health goals, regardless of what lifestyle they lead. The idea of ​​starting Eat Clean Chicago came about when three people saw a need to simplify nutrition and make healthy meal preparation more accessible to people. No compromises, no middleman – just wellness on your doorstep.

Ordering food from Eat Clean Chicago is also very easy – just choose from the food options found on the website, get the food delivered to your door, heat it up and enjoy. Unlike other meal prep services, their meals don’t require cooking, making them a great option for those who can’t cook. “We’re making healthy living accessible to all by delivering nutritious, chef-prepared, never-frozen meals straight to people’s doorsteps,” said the team behind Eat Clean Chicago.

Eat Clean Chicago is also great for people with busy lifestyles. Compared to eating out and cooking – which takes more time, money, and effort – Eat Clean Chicago’s curated meals only take about 5 minutes and start at about $10 per meal with additional savings when subscribed to in a plan.

Since its inception, Eat Clean Chicago has been about helping the Chicago community live healthier lives and educate people about their daily consumption. They have a team of experts dedicated to helping customers make better choices when it comes to their diet. And more importantly, they’re not just another meal prep service — it’s a way of life.

“I have tried many meal prep restaurants and Eat Clean Chicago is hands down the best! The portions are generous and the food is beyond delicious,” said one of his customers, Suzi Voss. “I also love that they’re the only meal prep place I’ve come across that actually looks at sodium levels. They offer plenty of variety and modifications to suit your nutritional needs, whether you’re counting macros and getting ready for a show or just trying to eat well in general.

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Eat Clean Chicago is a meal prep company that delivers healthy meals to the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs.

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