dr Vaibhav Saxena sets the standard in healthcare with his advanced urology skills

Believe it or not, the fact is that women’s reproductive health is often discussed. With men, however, it’s something of a well-kept secret; it is not discussed as it should have been. Why? Because men are considered strong and macho! However, contrary to popular perception in society, infertility affects about 15 percent of couples around the world, and according to one report, men alone account for 20 to 30 percent of infertility cases. India has recently seen a rise in prostate problems northwards and what is alarming is the fact that prostate is the second leading cause of cancer in men in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Thiruvananthapuram. These problems can be treated if diagnosed at an early stage. dr Vaibhav Saxena is one of those renowned senior specialists in Urology, Andrology and Laparoscopic Surgery based in Ghaziabad who does his work with the aim of helping people to live a good and healthy life.

dr Vaibhav Saxena is a name in the field of urological procedures, including advanced laparoscopic procedures, with experience having successfully performed more than 14,000 urological procedures and treating more than 1,000 male infertility patients. dr Saxena has had a successful long career and good contact with robotics-assisted laser surgery for prostate while working at AIIMS from 2008 to 2011 for three years. Following his passion to help people lead healthy lives,
free from any diseases, he then decided to work as a specialist in urology at the Regency Hospital in Kanpur, where Dr. Saxena was the first to perform flexible ureteroscopy and laparoscopic urology.

Over time, Dr. Vaibhav Saxena eventually attracted to urological surgeries. To address this, he began to work and develop his own innovative technique for urethroplasty and urethral tissue replacement. Over time, he has established a strong foothold and has also performed more than 10,000 endourological, open surgical, laparoscopic and uro-oncological operations in urology. dr Vaibhav Saxena has a drive to improve his skills through daily learning and as a result he developed a special interest in advanced laparoscopy and robotics, particularly reconstruction and oncology. He also joined the Yashoda Group of Hospitals and Research Centers in Ghaziabad in June 2013 and is currently practicing there.

The area of ​​expertise of Dr. Vaibhav Saxena includes Kidney Stones, Endourology, Urethral Stricture, BPH, Bladder-Prostate Disorders, Male Infertility Disorder, Sexual Dysfunction, Nocturia, Urological Cancer, Urinary Tract Infections, Urethral Stricture, Pelvic Prolapse, Overactive Bladder, Pediatric Urology and Reconstruction. dr Vaibhav Saxena shares his in-depth knowledge and expertise by saying, “People, and men in particular, often have a habit of not taking diseases and conditions affecting their urinary system seriously. What they don’t realize is that this could affect them in the long run. Ignoring urinary problems can lead to causes like cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, and even fertility problems. As we get older, our body becomes weak and at that time, diseases can be more difficult to treat. To prevent this, it is necessary to understand the importance of urologists. Also, it is our duty as a society to remove the stigma behind men seeing a urologist.”

All these years of experience and successful surgeries have allowed Dr. Vaibhav helped Saxena create a strong and trusted healthcare foothold. As a result, he has been associated with many prestigious groups such as Delhi Medical Council Registration in Urology and General Surgery, UP Medical Council Registration, Life Member of Urology Society of UP and Life Member of Urological Society of India. In the coming period, Dr. Vaibhav’s main motive is to work hard towards his goal of creating positive change and breaking the stereotypes that exist around healthcare.

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