Do you know what wellness is? Start practicing…

Wellness is the healthy balance between the mental, physical and emotional levels. If you work on these three areas, you will achieve something total well-being and full happiness. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of all these benefits? Go ahead and start practicing by following these simple steps that we are going to explain in detail. Gradually you will be able to do it Make wellness your own lifestyle.

We can call the statesman Halbert L. Dunn the father of the wellness movement, since he himself developed a theory in the 1950s that stated that in order to live a healthy life, it was necessary to have a healthy life alongside good physical health to improve our capacity for self-actualization. For this reason, wellness is understood as the lifestyle aimed at bringing out the best in every human being by working on the physical, mental and spiritual realms.

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The arrival of this new culture came shortly after World War II, coinciding with the advent of the welfare state. If the rights and basic needs of the population were met, who could set the limits on brain feeding? It was the perfect time to begin the quest for happiness, well-being and self-actualization.

But do all societies today believe in wellness? We don’t know if they believe, but they certainly don’t practice it. If you want to learn more about the stress-free culture, the best place to go is Thailand, one of the countries where wellness is most widespread. Thais have incorporated this concept by creating their own lifestyle, which is characterized by love for the environment, living simply, being content with what you have, forgetting stress, courtesy and smiling.

Eight simple steps to practicing wellness

  • Live in the present and seize every moment as if it were unique. For this it is important that we learn to breathe properly through a meditation technique. You can start by inhaling through your nose for 4 seconds and holding your breath for 8 seconds. After this time, expel again through the nose until the lungs are completely empty. Repeat this exercise five or six times to anchor yourself in the moment.
  • Face life with a smile. Having a bad day working with the public? The customer who just walked in is not to blame, smile at him The face is the mirror of the soul, so it is important that you always appear in a good mood.
  • Did you know that flavors determine how we interact? If the class smells bad, the students and the teacher are usually in a bad mood. Always carry a fruity or floral scent with you, a scent that should also prevail in your home, your room or your place of study.
  • It’s also important to take care of your eyes. Decorate your home with flower petals or candles, items that create a wonderful sense of calm and remembrance in your home.
  • heavy music? reggaeton? Although you like this type of music, it’s important that your home is a wellness center in itself. Download Thai music or Tibetan bowls from the internet to create the ideal atmosphere.
  • In those moments when you’re feeling more excited or vulnerable, sip hot tea or coconut water to stimulate your sense of taste.
  • n Although we westerners usually benefit from it until the last minute of the day, learn about Thai culture and try to devote an afternoon or morning to doing nothing. You can spend hours lounging on the sofa or spend that time taking care of yourself and pampering yourself. How about a make-up or hairdressing session? You will see the problems fly away.

Practice meditation to reach your “higher self” or yoga, a practice that strengthens your body and mind.

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