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If you have diabetes, your overall health can be highly dependent on your blood sugar levels. A surge can affect your mood, energy levels, sleep, food choices and even skin health, while controlling your glucose levels can help you lead a normal and healthy life. If you don’t have cravings for junk food, feel happier, and have good focus throughout the day, it means you’re managing your diabetes well. (Read also | Diabetes: Nutritionist on Healthy Fats to Regulate Blood Sugar Levels)

Uncontrolled diabetes is when your blood sugar level is 180 milliliters per deciliter (ml/dl) or more. Long-term effects of uncontrolled diabetes can include damage to the kidneys, nerves, heart and many other vital organs. To avoid these complications of diabetes, one must balance blood sugar levels by eating low GI foods and staying active throughout the day.

“Our blood sugar controls how we feel every second of the day, so getting it right is something really important if you want to feel great. Blood sugar affects every cell, organ and process in our body, so it has far-reaching effects on every aspect of our short- and long-term health. And that’s why the symptoms of blood sugar problems are so broad,” says nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor in her latest Instagram post.

“Keeping your blood sugar levels within your target range as much as possible is important to prevent or delay various serious health problems. Staying in your target zone can also help improve your energy and mood,” adds Kapoor.

Here are some of the side effects of having high blood sugar levels in your daily life:

– Cravings: You will continue to feel the need to eat more even after you have consumed enough calories.

– Energy crashes: Your energy levels drop very quickly and you find it difficult to continue with your daily tasks.

– Irritability and anxiety: Do you lose your temper too often? It could be your uncontrolled blood sugar levels at play. You may also feel unnecessarily anxious.

– Headache: This is another side effect of your imbalanced hormone levels.

– Resistance to weight loss: If you’re not losing weight as you intended, you should consider getting your blood sugar checked.

– Sleep disorders: If you can’t fall asleep at night, it’s a sign that your blood sugar control isn’t right.

– Intense and urgent hunger: This is dangerous as you can pick and eat anything – healthy or unhealthy – in their sight.

– Seizures: Your poor blood sugar control can also cause you to overeat, which can lead to weight gain

– Acne and skin problems: If your skin problems get worse, it’s a sign that you need a more regulated, diabetes-friendly lifestyle.

– Inflammation: When blood sugar levels are not under control, it can lead to inflammation in various body organs, leading to an increase in diabetes complications

If you have good blood sugar control, Kapoor writes, you won’t have unhealthy food cravings and you probably won’t have binge eating like there’s no tomorrow.

Here are other signs of good blood sugar control

– Your hunger will not be urgent

– Constant energy

– Sharp mind

– Weight loss and fat burning

– happier, calmer mood

– Improved sleep

– Balanced hormones

– Glowing skin

– Reduced inflammation

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