Deepika Padukone’s fitness routine: A mix of yoga, Pilates and focused training

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There is no doubt that Deepika Padukone is one of the most famous actresses in Bollywood and she has dabbled in Hollywood as well. The megastar grew up playing badminton and has continuously promoted a healthy lifestyle on and off stage. In addition to yoga, Pilates, and rope training, the actress and philanthropist uses a variety of movement techniques to complement her routines.

Check out Deepika’s workouts and the secret to her immaculately fit and toned physique.

Deepika Padukone’s fitness program

1. Pilates to tone the body

For a strong athletic body, Deepika mainly practices Pilates. “I do a lot of freehand weights and four to five sets of stretches with 10 to 20 reps between Pilates or stretches. I’m not particularly fond of running, so I don’t do a lot of conventional fitness exercises. I try to exercise as often as possible, but when I’m traveling or taking pictures I tend to skip it for days‘ Deepika said in an interview.

Deepika Padukone's fitness routine

Pilates has become popular with celebrities and a household name due to its long, lean, and sculpted appearance. The Pilates repertoire includes over 600 exercises and variations, including mat and special equipment exercises. Pilates has tremendous benefits and is suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level, age or size.

Incorporating Pilates into your exercise program can significantly support and improve your performance. Either way, Pilates can significantly improve your quality of life, whether you’re looking to feel better, tone up, increase muscle mass and bone density, or aim for cross-training [1].

2. Yoga for mindfulness

She starts each day with yoga and stretching exercises. Yoga and stretching exercises give her a feeling of invigorating, energizing and beneficial energy. Her exercise routine is a mix of cardio, pilates and yoga, and she constantly strives to push the limits of her endurance and physical capabilities.

Yoga has morphed into a relatively new form of practice called Mindful Yoga, which applies traditional Buddhist mindfulness teachings to the physical practice of yoga, offering deeper insights into the mind and a truly life-changing experience [2].

Some benefits of practicing mindfulness include increased focus, memory, immunity to cold and disease, feelings of happiness and contentment, and reductions in chronic pain, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and depression [3].

3. Rope training for strength

Padukone can be seen working on the ropes with trainer Yasmin Karachiwala at 6am in a video posted by her trainer, which not only shows her dedication but also reaffirms that training should be fun.

Rope exercises are great for building muscle strength, improving cardiorespiratory fitness, and increasing athletic performance. Compared to other cardio exercises, they are low-impact and can be performed while seated.

This workout has many benefits including increased strength, flexibility, strength and endurance, as well as muscle building and calorie burning [4]. In addition, research shows that strength training increases calorie expenditure, boosts metabolism, and reduces anxiety.

4. Focused training for the whole body

A flip through her coach’s page reveals that Padukone often indulges in leg day and focuses on focused training. By focusing on one body part and building your daily workout around it, you can improve localized muscles and get better results. The benefits of leg training go beyond muscle building, strengthening core muscles, burning calories, relieving back pain, toning and shaping legs, and improving stability and mobility [5].

Deepika Padukone's fitness routine

5. Find a training partner

Deepika Padukone likes to train with a partner. Research shows that exercising with a partner can improve mood and increase relationship satisfaction (for couples). Additionally, training with a training partner can make training more enjoyable, making it easier to stick to a regular training schedule [6].

The more you support each other, the harder you will work and be more consistent. You can also encourage healthy competition to keep things interesting. Of course, strength training and spotting also require a partner, so it’s always a good idea to invite someone you trust over.

Fitness Lessons You Need to Learn from Deepika Padukone

For her, it’s not just about training for a role, it’s about living a healthy lifestyle. She is always willing to try new and different things‘ shares Karachiwala.

  • Make sure you’re following a nutrition plan that’s right for your workout routine
  • Integrate Pilates into your everyday life
  • Add strength training to your workout routine
  • Maintaining consistency is essential

One last note…

Get inspiration from the star and learn how to balance your diet with exercise for better, fitter, healthier results over time. At the same time, remember not to overexert yourself and be good to yourself and your body.

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