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A campaign to build a skate park was started by Whitehawk residents.

A free event was held last weekend to launch the campaign for a new skatepark to be built within the BN2 5 postcode.

Free ice skating lessons were offered to children over the age of five at the mobile skate park set up on the grounds of City Academy, Whitehawk.

It marked the start of community group Skate Life Brighton’s campaign, which hopes to raise £500,000 for a new skate park in Whitehawk.

A public consultation poll has been posted online to allow residents to give their opinion on what Whitehawk wants from a skate park.

Park Life Brighton Co-Chair Evie Martin said last Sunday (31 August): “Honestly I’m absolutely delighted with the children. You put your heart and soul into today. They really pushed themselves in skateboarding.

“A huge thank you to the Healthy Lives team for supporting and hosting this free community event.

“We even tried it ourselves and noticed that the director of the City Academy tried to show us his skateboarding skills and tricks a couple of times. It was a fun day.”

Skate Life Brighton says they have already received more than 150 responses to the public consultation, which will run until the end of the summer.

Feedback suggests residents want a park with a large bowl, smooth concrete surfaces, and a safe, well-lit environment.

Georgie Jackson of Whitehawk said: “These kids need more opportunities to thrive and that could benefit the whole town.

“They need hundreds more people to do the poll before the council even thinks about it. Then the fundraising can begin.”

However, fundraising for the new skatepark facility will not be easy, according to Councilman Gill Williams.

East Brighton Councilor Gill Williams supports a skate park for Whitehawk

She said: “It’s not impossible, but it’s in response to much-needed facilities. There’s nothing up there on Whitehawk and I think it’s absolutely vital that we get that moving.”

Data from Park Life Brighton said four out of 10 children in Whitehawk came from a low-income family, and neighborhood data showed there was a massive inequality gap in health and education.

Park Life Brighton’s previous projects in Whitehawk have redesigned ‘Middle Park’ on Whitehawk Way and secured £80,000 funding for the park near Swanborough Drive.

Another priority for Skate Life Brighton is that the campaign to build the facility should get more girls involved in the sport and ensure easy access for people with disabilities at the park.

Click here to find the online counseling survey.

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