Aspira Health is now Atracare: The Next Chapter

Aspira Health has become an integral part of the pandemic response for most Sussex County citizens and we have seen parents, teachers and medical staff rely on us for getting tested, a primary care need afford to be seen at our outpatient clinic in an emergency and stay healthy so they can live their best life.

Since opening 18 months ago, we have been both honored and humbled to serve the county’s health needs during this time. Aspira Health has received plenty of heartwarming messages, online reviews, awards, and even lovingly homemade treats to keep our employees energized through long days. We look forward to being a part of your healthcare story and serving the needs of our growing community and county.

Aspira Health has always focused on a strong online presence in social media and search engine optimization. While our ranking has enabled patients to find us and learn more about our services, our online success has also outperformed larger companies with similar names, and these larger companies have requested a name change to avoid name confusion.

As we grow, we are moving away from being just a name and toward our brand, which exemplifies the care our patients receive. While we must change our name, we want to be more than just a name. Instead, we strive to be a brand that exemplifies our care and the world-class efforts we make to serve and treat our community, which our logo represents.

Everything we work towards is designed for the community. In addition to our pediatric, primary care, and emergency care departments, we are now comprehensively expanding into mental health, pharmacy, and specialty care areas with the opening of our Plantations Medical Center. These new services require a new structure to support the growing business. Aspira Health will be rebranded to reflect a new and different company that will provide the same great customer service while also boldly looking to the future with the goal of expanding access to healthcare and innovating at the speed of life to to meet patient demand. We will be the same great company with the same great care, but under a new banner that will offer more opportunities for patients and providers.

As we make this robust step forward, Aspira Health will become Atracare: a name meant to be simple, solid, and enduring in all endeavors related to our mission. A mission aimed at meeting healthcare needs through a personalized and innovative approach. With this new name, we are committed to saying yes to all patient needs. We promise to keep our hearts and minds open so we can hear your problems and help you find solutions, and we promise to explore new ways to make access to care easier and more affordable so we can help those who care can which you need most.

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we introduce a new and exciting way to take care of your healthcare: Atracare. Visit for more information.

William Albanese III is CEO of Atracare, formerly Aspira Health.

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