A heartbreaking radio campaign draws attention to plans to rewrite DNA

A string of radio advertisements were abruptly and heartbreakingly halted today (Monday, August 1st) by the sound of a flatline heart monitor as part of our new campaign.

Flat line heart indicator

We’re using the unique ad to raise important awareness of the need for research to stop sudden and unwarranted sudden cardiac arrests, including in young people.

Listeners tuning in to the Heart FM radio network and Global Original podcasts, expecting the usual barrage of commercials, were finally caught by the unexpected sound of a heart monitor beeping flat lines – the shocking but familiar long beep a monitor makes when alerting medical staff to a person’s heart failure.

The audio from the heart monitor interrupted commercials from well-known brands such as Sainsbury’s, On the Beach, hello carAdmiral Insurance, Dunelm, Cazoo and Check a Trade.

Rewriting DNA to cure deadly heart disease

The audio takeover is designed to coincide with the announcement of our largest single research funding grant to date – £30m healinghearta global collective of scientists from the UK, US and Singapore pioneering revolutionary and ultra-precise gene therapy technologies that could silence or edit the faulty genes that cause inherited heart muscle disease.

Every week in the UK around 12 people under the age of 35 suffer sudden cardiac death, often caused by an inherited heart muscle disease also known as genetic cardiomyopathy.

Now, through the campaign, we are calling for support of the greatest research award ever to find cures for these deadly diseases.

The unexpected ether changes was followed by a message detailing the effects of genetic cardiomyopathy and how the charity is funding research aimed at finding a breakthrough cure to prevent the diseases from causing the heart to stop.

dr Charmaine Griffiths, our Managing Director, said: “The unexpected sound of a heart monitor that Flatlines was designed to capture people attention and carries an incredibly important message.

“Genetic cardiomyopathys tear families apart. They deprive families of loved ones in shocking and sudden ways, they prevent people from living full and healthy lives, and they create generations of families living with concern for their future and that of their children.

“Through healingheartwe have a chance to stop this. But whyWe can not it without the support of today’s radio listeners and People across the UK who fund our lifesaving work. With the support of the public, we can bring what once seemed like science fiction to reality and bring hope to hundreds of thousands of families worldwide.”

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