5 things I learned about resilience when my whole life has been turned upside down | dr Fabienne Slama

have you ever had a dream I did. And it became a reality…almost.

This is a story of hope, disappointment and choices. A story for those who keep dreaming, even when a dream can turn into a nightmare in the blink of an eye. A story for the resilient who trust, as John Lennon said: “Everything will be alright in the end, and if it’s not alright, it’s not the end.”

It’s a story of perseverance and the pursuit of happiness in the face of almost overwhelming despair and uncertainty.

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Unthinkable obstacles are scary – but so are opportunities

I was about to embark on a year-long journey across Europe and Africa with my fiancé Alex, and I felt like I was on top of the world. The stars were aligned and showed us the way to a happy future. One last stop before our great adventure: my son’s wedding. Unfortunately, just days before the ceremony, Alex crashed his motorcycle and, after suffering what he called a “mild” concussion, collapsed on the floor as the bride walked down the aisle.

An ambulance took him to the emergency room while confused and scared I decided to stay on my son’s special day. The weeks that followed consisted of hospital corridors, waiting rooms, and that awful fear that comes when doctors don’t know what to do. Our dream trip was postponed, then cancelled, and our own wedding became something we’d rather not talk about.

After months of hope and relapse that repeatedly land him in a hospital room, I feel exhausted, disappointed, anxious, and even angry. Why did he ride his motorcycle to the race track? Why did our lives come to a standstill when we were on the path to happiness? Why can’t we get a clear answer from the medical team?

What should I do? All I could do was move on and absorb life’s harsh lessons.

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